WHY spend money on Vehicle Branding?


Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding = silent, mobile sales

When money is tight it is way too easy to cut budgets where logic says they should be cut – anything that is not showing (almost) instant return, so lets cut the wage bill and get rid of supposed dead wood, lets cut the marketing budget because – well, is it working? and lets get the staff to pay for their own tea and have limited access to loo paper.

OK, so I may be exaggerating, but sadly none of the above were my own ideas. I have heard examples of each of these cost saving measures over time. (For those who do not know the writer I have had some experience in business consulting (one of the reasons SignForce is able to offer solid business advice when it comes to signs as an investment – but I digress).

The reality is we don’t always get an instant  return on our marketing investment. A lot of marketing is about keeping our brand front of mind. Another reason is familiarity. When one’s branding is seen (hopefully often), not always in the same location, by people who do not know what you offer, if and when they do look for your services and find you listed on Google with a number of competitors, if it was you, who would you be most likely to contact? The absolute unknown business or one which for some unknown reason seems familiar?

If you are looking for advice on signs that make business sense, or wanting to get your name OUT THERE, SignForce can help.

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Is it possible to UPDATE signs in a cost effective manner?


Cost Effective Signage

Light Boxes have multiple benefits – one of which is highlighted visibility

Is it possible to UPDATE signs in a cost effective manner?

Yes. That is the short answer.

The longer answer is that yes, it is often possible to update old signs and make them more MODERN and EFFECTIVE, in a cost effective manner.

The main way this is done is by updating the colour of the sign or the background as well as by making small, simple changes to the existing signs.

There are times when the old sign is too old, too brittle and cannot be touched as it falls apart, but in these cases, one has to ask if the sign is promoting the business in an effective manner in the first place.

If you feel your signs could do with some non-surgical plastic surgery – a face lift to make the sign look young again, contact SignForce so we can assist.

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