Is Marketing Important For YOUR Business?

OK, the title is a little rhetorical.

Maybe a better question is: How Important Is Marketing for YOUR Business?

This is not a rhetorical question. This question is based more on the time and budget one allocates to marketing, especially the time factor.

This allocation is very simple for large firms as they tend to have HUGE departments filled with MASSES of people who’s single job is to MARKET the business.

For a small to medium business this task is much more challenging, both from a budgetary perspective.

Fortunately, in the modern world of the internet, the BUDGETARY factor can be reduced because online marketing can be done by an individual and does not require an entire team.

Time, on the other hand, is often not as simple to budget.

This is because for small and medium businesses the marketing person is the same person that as for production and or finance and or human resources and and and.

It is because of the need to multi task that small businesses find it so challenging to put in the time to do marketing. That and the fact that clients and sales come first, and on top of that, not all businesses know, understand and enjoy marketing.

It is for this reason that SignForce do what we can to assist small and medium businesses to improve their marketing abilities. While SignForce’s main focus is on custom PHYSICAL marketing devices – aka SIGNS – we are also well placed [from an experience and team perspective] to assist your small to medium business with your ONLINE MARKETING.

If you find marketing a drag, have a low budget and need to improve sales, why not partner with SignForce to let us improve your turnover.

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