Three objectives of a successful sign

What do Education, Insurance and Signs have in common?

Other than the fact I am involved in selling two of the three, they are ALL intangibles when it comes to the sale. Not true you may counter, because once you get the sign you can see and feel it – making it tangible, however during sales process, the picture that you see almost always does not tell the entire story.

More importantly, measuring the SUCCESS of the sign is not so simple, making it almost intangible.

To date the best measure of a sign’s success came when a shop was about to close down due to low turnover. They were relocating to a new venue in six months but decided it was not worth running at a loss before they occupied the new premises that were still being built. The store management requested SignForce to refurbish their main street front sign so they would be more visible for the closing down sale. We refurbished the sign and the store remained open for the remainder of the lease. In this case the only change made was the refurbish signage, so the turnaround can be attributed to the refurbished sign.  

In real life this seldom the case as you would have multiple marketing tools working together with your signs, creating too many influencing factors to calculate how much of the business you receive can be attributed directly to your sign. Because it is so difficult to measure the SUCCESS of your sign it is IMPORTANT to decide beforehand – that is before you purchase the sign – what you expect the sign to accomplish.

It is the opinion of SignForce that a successful sign should achieve three objectives.

  1. A successful sign should direct people to your business. In other words a successful sign will act as a silent salesperson, encouraging or enticing people to come into your store.
  2. A successful sign will clearly display the image of your business and portray your business in a true and professional manner.
  3. A successful sign MUST BE an investment – that is, the cost of the sign, both in terms of initial cost and maintenance, should be low relative to the income that sign will help generate.

In the near future I’ll be discussing each of these three issues as well as how to measure the success of the sign. I will also be giving information about letter height, visibility, distance and speed with relation to signs.

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