Door Signs and Office Signs

Door signs and office signs, from Braille restroom signs to security alarm door signs, can give instructions, tell you what to expect next, keep unauthorized people out and provide emergency instructions. Door and office signs are a visual graphic created to display information to a particular audience.

Some Types of Door Signs include:

Braille Signs

Braille signs are no longer only found at hotels, offices and hospitals. If your facility has a snack area, a gift shop, waiting rooms, a fitness centre, mail rooms or even a room for coats, Braille signs can assist sight disadvantaged to get where they need to be while aiding in their independence. An example of Braille signs are the Contour HT Office Door Signs including raised room numbers and Grade 2 Braille. Ideal for maintaining or establishing a room number.

Custom Directory Door Signs

An easy to understand, custom directory door sign can help prevent confusion and guide visitors. A large variety of shapes and sizes allows for a uses to be creative with plenty of options to design your perfect directory.

Custom Visitor Door Signs

Visitor door signs are an important part of any facility. Visitor door signs advise visitors what to expect when they enter your premises and guide the visitors inside the building to create and reinforce the feeling of security one gets from knowing where you are going and what to expect on the way there. Like all door signs, these signs can be manufactured using, amongst other materials, durable plastic, brass, aluminium or any combination of materials.

Custom Sliding Door Signs − including Occupied Vacant signs

Also known as Door Slider Signs and Room In-Use Signs. Slider signs panels slide back and forth easily to reveal vacancy or occupancy. Used to inform when rooms, such as conference rooms, are occupied or vacant so they can be used. Occupied and Vacant signs are regularly used in offices, hotels, conference centres and the like. Sliding signs assist in the management of meeting rooms.

Custom Engraved Door Signs

When your company needs to get a message across, custom engraved door signs make the message stand out in a manner that projects quality and class.

Custom Metal Door Signs

Custom metal door signs are durable made from 20mil Diamond Plate and feature an aggressive adhesive.

Door Nameplate Signs

Door signs and door nameplates can be used for informative purposes in an office environment, where name plates are mounted on doors or walls in order to identify employees and / or their job title.

Office Door Signs

Office door signs are made from a number of materials, or combinations of materials, so that they can fir into the budget, feel and look of your business premises. Good office door signs should be easy to maintain.

Projecting Door Signs

Projecting door signs can be seen easily from up and down a hallway or passageway. Projecting door signs should be installed where they are easily read by passer's by heading in either direction.

Room Number Signs

Room number signs help identify and organize every room in your establishment, especially if designed in a fun manner with attention grabbing signs. Each room number sign offers a choice of text and numbers, and where desired, with the corresponding Braille lettering and numbers at the bottom.

Window / Glass Door Decals

Die cut window decals are available in a range of letter heights. Die-cut door decals can be used instead of, or together with traditional door signs. With glass door signs, the desired message can be applied directly onto the glass surface.


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