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Computer Cut Out Vinyl Letters and Vinyl Signs

Vinyl Stickers, Vinyl Decals and Self Adhesive Vinyl Cut Out's

Vinyl stickers and decals are also known as peel and stick vinyl stickers, self adhesive cut out vinyl stickers or vinyl cut out decals. Vinyl lettering refers to custom cut, self adhesive lettering or graphics that have been cut to a shape or design, and are ready to apply to any smooth, appropriately finished, non-porous surface. Vinyl lettering differs from printed stickers in that vinyl lettering is cut out of a solid coloured roll of vinyl, the excess is weeded away and the remaining cut images are pre-spaced and are held together using a temporary transfer tape. While many materials are available, ranging from short (three to six month life expectancy) to high quality, five to seven year life expectancy, at SignForce we pride ourselves on only working with high quality, longer life (five to seven year life expectancy) polymeric material for all vinyl cut-outs.

Die-Cut Vinyl Window Decals

Die cut window decals are available in a wide range of letter heights and colours. Die cut vinyl can be identified by the fact that the vinyl is the same colour on the face and the backing, while printed vinyl will generally have different colours for the face and the backing. Die-cut window and glass door decals are easy to install, although doing it oneself may require a little practice to prevent bubbles and make the application look professional. In order to apply to the glass, one needs a squeegee to remove any bubbles and then easily remove the 'application tape' that is used to assist with the application. All cut letters are pre-spaced in order to speed up and improve the accuracy of the application. White is best for most exterior glass doors because of the contrast created when light is behind the letters that are to be read.

Die-Cut vinyl with 'back' Adhesive

A wonderful modern effect can be created on windows (often used in modern offices to create privacy as well as enhancing the overall feel of the office) by using sandblast effect (and any other flat colour) vinyl that can either be used to cover a full window or to create special effects by either cutting shapes or text or a combination out of the vinyl. Sandblast effect vinyl has the advantage of allowing some light through, thus making offices feel more spacious while preventing the 'fish bowl' effect. The sandblast effect (and other vinyl's) can be applied to either the front OR the rear of a glass pane, depending on the placement, location, desired effect and required legibility. Once they are cured vinyl is highly resistant to moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and fading. The vinyl decals are also easy to clean.

Glass Window Vinyl Decal Sticker

These colourful decals can stick on either the inside or the outside of the glass. Depending on the manufacturer and the process, the vinyl may be one colour on the 'front' and another on the rear. If the window gets a lot of sun, especially as in some area's in Southern Africa, it is best to use a high quality vinyl to prevent the vinyl from cracking and pealing, creating a poor image of the business being promoted. Depending on the desired effect and where the vinyl is to be used, some modern, techniqued vinyl can be used. Techniqued vinyl range from 'opaque' vinyl that works like a sandblast effect vinyl but allows for more light to pass through, to see through or 'stained glass' effect vinyl that comes in a multitude of colours.

Laminated Vinyl Decal Sticker

Vinyl, especially digitally printed vinyl that is being used outdoors, is sometimes laminated for durability and in order to increase the life of the print. There are two types of lamination. Lamination using a SOLID cover and lamination with clear liquid polyester that is designed to protect the print against water, chemicals and weather. Lamination can also assist with keeping the sign clean, making it less likely to scratch or damage the face when wiping off dirt, dust or grease. It is important to note that while laminating with a UV resistant film may extend the life of the print, it is still possible for certain [ink] pigments under the laminate to fade faster than others, sometimes leading to a picture that is totally illegible. As such, most claims of greatly extended ink life are unfortunately immensely exaggerated.

Mirror Window Glass Decal

Mirror window decals stick to your mirror, with the adhesive being relatively easy to remove without leaving messy residue. This is especially helpful when a tenant's lease expires and they are required to leave the premises in the same condition as they found them.

Static Cling Decal Sticker and Static Cling Labels

Static cling decals and labels are reusable and can be moved from one window (or any other solid substrate) to another without being damaged. The static cling material sticks on the inside of a window, with the graphic been seen through the window. This is an ideal application for upmarket shopping centres who are advertising space to let as well as new tenants.

Stencil Die-Cut vinyl with 'back' Adhesive

As with standard die-cut vinyl, the same wonderful modern effect can be created on windows by using sandblast effect (and any other flat colour) vinyl that can either be used to cover a full window or to create special effects by either cutting shapes or text or a combination out of the vinyl. The 'stencil cut' effect refers to the vinyl being cut in such a way that, for example, the full window would be covered with sandblast effect vinyl, and the required text or logo would be 'stencil cut OUT' of the vinyl. In other words, the stencil cut area would be plain, undressed glass while the surrounding glass would be decorated (dressed) with the sandblast effect vinyl.

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