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Parking Signs

Parking signs could be classified as any of traffic sign, directional signs and informative sign, as depending on their location (indoor or outdoor) and intended use (practical versus to impress), they could achieve any of these objectives.

Parking signs are intended to give information to drivers, people looking to park and road uses. Parking signs are generally used to demarcate parking bays, as opposed to road signs that could warn of dangerous conditions or advise where parking is not allowed.

Parking signs would typically be used by governments, municipalities, councils, landlords, shopping centres and businesses.

Depending on the location, the intended life of the sign, the budget and the message that te buyer wants to communicate the material used for parking signs can vary from Aluminium parking signs, metal parking signs, plastic parking signs and Chromadek parking signs to paper. Parking signs are often overlooked as part of a corporation's general corporate identity. In order to avoid this parking signs should generally maintain the look and feel of all the other signs of a business.

The most common parking signs are:

  • No parking zone signs
  • Reserved parking signs
  • Novelty parking signs
  • Designated Parking signs
  • Free standing parking signs and
  • Curb mounted parking signs
  • Numbered parking signs
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