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Architectural Signs & Monument Signs

Architectural signs

The phrase 'Architectural signs' generally refers to outdoor signs and indoor signs that are attached to, or placed inside, architectural structures, such as buildings, brick pillars, and the like. Architectural signs can be flat (2D) or 3D signs. The phrase "architectural signs" is also often used as a generic phrase for directory, directional and monument signs. Architectural signs can be manufactured from any one, or a combination of aluminum, brass, bronze, acrylic, stainless steel, stone, or any material of your choice.

Architectural signs and business signs, most likely the original form of sign writing, are sometimes also referred to as "building signs" as well as "construction signs", depending on the location and / style of the sign.

Monument signs

Monument signs generally refers to signs that are located on or in an independent exterior structure. The structures can be acrylic, steel, brick, concrete or a combination of these, and the signs can be made from almost any single, or a combination of, material of your choice, including aluminum, brass, bronze, acrylic, stainless steel and stone. Monument signs are often found at the entrance to estates, business and housing developments, where they help identify the complex while enhancing the overall look and feel of the estate and / or complex. Monuments signs are usually intended to last a long time and thus a long lasting finish is a must to maintain the desired image of the up-scale projects where they are generally found. As with all signs, monument signs are manufactured to your specifications.


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