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Illuminated Signs

Custom, old fashioned, illuminated signs

SignForce has been around for over two decades.

We at SignForce have been told one of the reasons we have managed to survive all the ups and downs of the South African economy is our ability to morph, recreating ourselves as and when necessary.

SignForce’s ability to adapt points to the mindset of the SignForce management – a mindset of problem solving.

This problem solving is one of SignForce’s competitive edges, as any challenge is seen as that, a challenge to overcome! This is especially true when our clients need custom signs and custom designs.

An example of SignForce’s problem solving thinking is the manufacturing of the sign for Corona Beer – part of which is shown above.

The sign is ‘simple’ in that this type of sign has been around since the beginning of time – ok, not so long, but definitely since the early 1930’s. So, it should be a simple issue to make the sign which has an old style and look.

But, because the sign SHOULD be SIMPLE to make, does not mean it IS SIMPLE to make. One reason the sign is not simple to make is because when these signs were first made in the 1930’s, the globe holders were a standard product that could be secured to the face of the sign with no visible wiring, but these holders no longer exist.

Today globes and globe holders are more of a specialist product, NOT made to be secured to the front of the sign.

SignForce designed special holders that could incorporate the current technology using mostly scrap material that would normally go to land fill. The ecologically friendly solution is one example of the solution finding way SignForce staff think.

Do you have a challenge that SignForce could help solve to make your business more visible?

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