3D Sign

Fabrication Process of 3D sign

In the modern world of instant gratification and digital everything, 3D signs stand out  as they always have.

Traditionally 3D signs were recessed, but with modern materials and new techniques we were and are able to manufacture 3D signs that stand proud.

Then electronic signs come into play. Electronic signs can create the IMPRESSION that they are 3D, however, when viewed form the side, the signs are still FLAT.

One advantage of fabricated 3D signs is that they can be seen from ANY angle – and the 3D is enhanced from the side.

The letter pictured above is an example of a fabricated acrylic sign with opal returns (depth) where the face of the letter will be RED and the sides will be WHITE.

These signs are ALL HAND MADE by skilled artisans.

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The Value and Cost of TIME

TIME is MONEY is a commonly heard phrase.

This is especially true in business, when one is to believe that lost time is lost money and a lack of production will be a cost to the business.

One seldom hears about the COST and VLAUE of time in the form of the value that is added by doing the same task over and over and over again for a period of time.

It is said that one only becomes truly proficient at a task after doing the same task for 10,000 hours – which calculates to over five years of work days. The first time I heard that was in the book “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” by Carmine Gallo. I have never personally looked into the theory but it does make logical sense. I find in my life that the more I deal with certain aspects of my business and certain people, the more the truth of that statement is proven correct and true.

How does this TIME is MONEY thing work and affecting me personally, #SignForce and our clients.

When the current SignForce management was new to the sign business, we kept looking to innovate and disrupt the industry – we still do – but also looking to ensure we stayed within industry norms.

Today, over 20 years later, we KNOW we push the boundaries of the materials we use, the way we use them and the way we work. We are no longer concerned about being off center. In fact, the more we move off centre the more we find we become better at what we do.

At SignForce we also find that the more we innovate, the greater the bond within the team and the better the quality of our work and our work methods.

The cost of the time (and lets be honest, many errors) is that the SignForce has most likely not made the profits it should have over the years. However, that cost has been more than offset by the work environment, the care for one another and the skill sets that have been developed.

The benefit of the innovation and errors is passed on to our prospects and clients. This is generally at a very slight premium, as SignForce always strives to be competitive.

If you are looking for signs that will be an asset to your business, contact SignForce now on info@signforce.co.za or call +27 (0)11 440 7525 or WhatsApp +27 (0)82 558 6413