What value is added by a Sign?

“It” has been a long time coming – the ‘new world’ where the end product is not the most important factor, but rather the entire block chain and the process have become more important than the end product.


It seems that the end product should sort of deliver what is expected, but if the process is correct, and all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, that is more important than the end product delivering as promised.

Maybe this is a uniquely South African rant, where we are promised so much by t he politicians, yet it is almost a feit acomplie – a certainty – that once the words leave the mouth of the politicians, that is where the plan and the responsibility ends. Accountability and planning are foreign concepts – so much so that then dream aside, nothing will ever come to fruition.

When I was teaching I used to teach my students that in order to achieve a long term goal they had to start with the end in mind. Decide what they wanted, and then walk it back into bite size chunks so that the end goal could be achieved.

Designing signage is pretty much the same process. Determine what they client wants, figure what will achieve that goal and then walk it back so that the client’s desired outcome can be achieved.

Done often enough this becomes second nature – the same as the other side where politicians make empty promises. They do it so often that they cannot see they are making empty promises. For this writer this was emphasized when a certain minister was questioned by the Zondo commission as to whether he intimidated the top leaders in the banking field. All four had testified that they felt threatened and intimidated. The said politician (obviously) denied all slanderous accusations. He was simply doing his job as he had always done.  It may be worthwhile noting said ‘innocent politician” had been a union leader in his previous (possibly more honest I say with tongue in cheek) life.

The intention of this rant is to highlight that doing business in South Africa is becoming more and more challenging what with insane fuel prices, politicians trying their best (fortunately most are incompetent) to tax the country to death and introducing more and more laws that limit work, limit productivity, limit jobs and complement the already failed state that is South Africa.

But all is not doom and gloom. Taking the politics and soaring cost of living out of the equation and business is South Africa is thriving – well at least in the informal sector, as the formal sector is being tied up in red tape, and when they powers that be run out of red tape, they introduce a rainbow of other colours simply to make business that much more difficult for mainstream business.

But South Africans are hardy. They are insane and they continue to enjoy life as they know they cannot do anything about the things they cannot control, so best they live and make the best of the moment. South Africans are a proud bunch. We produce some world class work despite all the obstacles we see.

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