#BruisedButtCycleChalleng day 11 cycling day 9

#BruisedButtCycleChallenge day 11 cycling day 9

DRINK!  That is the saying of the day.  It could have changed because it wasn’t relevant the whole day,  but it started early.  Think of how easy it is to drink when you are all hot on a hotter summers day. Now think how much cold liquid you want to drink when it is cold weather,  and you are cold. Now,  when you are exercising and exerting – as we tend to do when cycling,  it is essential to keep replacing lost liquid – even when it is cold and raining!  Hence  – DRINK!

We left ftom the beautiful town of Hermanus at 07:20 before sunrise.  I never knew there was such a large industrial area in what I have always considered to be a holiday village.     We got off to an excellent start making fantastic time,  even though it was raining.

We had a break at the 16km mark and were pleased to see that we had covered the distance in about 45 minutes.  the same distance yesterday took slightly over an hour.  Even though it was raining, it was an absolute pleasure cycling in the rain, because the wind was still asleep.

We stopped for a snack in Betty’s Bay and saw a large number of dolphins at Rooiels. We then made our way towards Gordons Bay, and it was fascinating to see that we were managing to climb the uphills at 18.9 km/h, faster than we managed to come down Akkerdisberg Pass yesterday,  where peddling into the headwind we only managed 16 km/h – going downhill!!!

The scenery is spectacular, and with the sun out and no wind, we took full advantage of the weather,  stopping often to take in the the brilliant sights,  sounds and scent that the area offers.

When we got to Strand we took time for an ice cream – and WOW – what an ice cream it was.  We had a chat to some locals and then headed for Heldeberg, our final destination for the night, arriving at 15:15.

Total distance for the day is 100.6 km, covered at an average speed of 17.6 km/h and we climbed a total of 926 m while we were in the saddle for 5:41:50.

Tomorrow is a rest / administration day so we can get the boxes to take our bicycles home.  We also need to clean and oil our bkes. Friday we head for the Cape Town waterfront – route still to be decided.