Can my in-house designer design my signs?

Can my in-house designer or anyone design my sign?

While almost anyone, including your in-house designer, can design your business’s sign, the best answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including whether your designer understands vector design, what program your designer will be using and whether the designer understands enough about signs to ensure that the sign can be practically manufactured.

Not all design is the same, as a design that works excellently on paper may not transfer to being manufactured as a sign. For example, with signs lines – like swords – may not be crossed.  3D is a practical issue and not only a visual illusion. Also lines cannot be either too thin or single lines (in sign design a single, straight ‘line’ must in fact be a rectangle.  If your designer is not aware of this then the manufacture of the sign could be troublesome.

The sign designer also needs to have at least some understanding of the limitations of sign cutting equipment, as even the best sign cutting hard and software has limitations in size that can be cut.

Not all designs are practically transferred to easy sign manufacture. While it is easy and simple to manufacture a printed or simple cut out sign, with the incorrect design the sign may not easily be rear illuminated because, for example, the fine (thin) lines in the design may be too narrow for the lighting (either LED or neon) to be attached to the rear of each of the elements of the sign.

If you are in the market for professionally designed signs that can be practically manufactured, email using the subject line: ADVICE PLEASE