Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

Monday morning as I was rushing on the way to a VERY important meeting – with my doctor – I noticed a sign which got me laughing, because of the unintended message of the design, and gave me some material for a – this – blog article.

Being in a RUSH I never thought to stop the car and take a photo. I did however tell the doc about the sign. On Tuesday morning I figured I would go past and take a photo to share with everyone, with the point being to explain WHY, when it comes to signage, not every designer is equal. [Signs generally SHOULD be designed by people who understand signs, as what you see on paper and what you see when it is BLOWN UP for a sign, what you see may, and often does, differ drastically.]

Tuesday came and went before I had a chance to get the photo, and I was not in the area on Wednesday, so I made a plan to make a specific trip on Thursday, and lo and behold, when I arrived the sign in question was no longer there. DAMN!

OK, so my thinking on the blog topic had to change – as it has had to on many issues this year, especially with reference to making money – and the change was the ‘topic’ to HOW DID I MISS IT!. An the then it dawned on me, I did not seize the day.

Research has shown that, especially when we are busy or distracted, we do not take the time to LIVE life. We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to LIVE them.

Like I found I need to, I am suggesting you SLOW down folks. Take the time to smell the roses, and enjoy life. Before you look around the sign will be moved and the opportunity lost.

This is summed up brilliantly by the honorable Dalai Lama.

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