Surviving a Black Swan Event

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How does your business survive and thrive a Black Swan Event?

Ever heard of a Black Swan?

Ever seen a black Swan?

Do you understand the concepr of a Black Swan Event?

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In short, bl;ack swans do exist, but are more rare than white swans, and their arrival always seems to be a surprise. It is not a planned event.

Covid arriving in 2020 is one such event almost EVERY business in the world has had to deal with. For some it was a death knell, for others a Godsend.

From my research there doesn’t seem to be a common thread that has made one business succeed and another fail during these interesting times, in that some businesses do the same thing yet some have gone up while others have gone down.

Traditionally times like this call for a boost in one’s marketing. The greater one’s visibility in these times, the higher the likelihood of success and thriving. The more markets one can reach, the greater the chances of surviving and thriving. And from SignForce’s experience, the more one can collaborate, the higher the chances of success.

SignForce has always worked with our competitors in order for us all to do better. SignForce’s philosophy is that a cent earned from someone else’s work is a good cent. The theory behind this is that if you are a doctor, you almost always have to be at work to earn a good living. In industry, this is not necessarily the case. One can earn while being remote. This has been emphasized and highlighted in the modern work from home environment where unless one HAS to be face to face with your client’s, one can provide services from a distance.

At SignForce we believe in upliftment. Yes, we strive to be a profitable and sustainable business, so we believe in making sure the TEAM is always taken care of. Sure there are differences in take home pay but before anyone makes a profit the TEAM must be taken care of. SignForce operate on the premise that if you are hungry you will not give of your best, so we provide food. We have to cook it, but the food is there, and all our cooking skills are tested, and hopefully improving.

SignForce also believe in keeping the team happy. Yes, there are disagreements and people are not always happy, but we strive to make sure people are happy as much as possible. This leads to a work environment where people can strive, thrive and improve themselves – both financially and from a skills perspective. We believe in up-skilling, because we are never sure when a crucial cog in our tightly run machine will break down, be removed or stop performing. As such we believe EVERY PERSON should be able to do EVERY JOB.

This is not always easy, and often people resist being trained because it is beyond their comfort level, but we continue with training ALL THE TIME, as an insurance policy in order to maintain sustainability.

If you are looking to thrive in these interesting times, maybe some of the idea’s mentioned above will be of assistance. We hope so, and when you are expanding, allow SignForce to assist you with making your brand VISIBLE.

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Is Marketing Important For YOUR Business?

OK, the title is a little rhetorical.

Maybe a better question is: How Important Is Marketing for YOUR Business?

This is not a rhetorical question. This question is based more on the time and budget one allocates to marketing, especially the time factor.

This allocation is very simple for large firms as they tend to have HUGE departments filled with MASSES of people who’s single job is to MARKET the business.

For a small to medium business this task is much more challenging, both from a budgetary perspective.

Fortunately, in the modern world of the internet, the BUDGETARY factor can be reduced because online marketing can be done by an individual and does not require an entire team.

Time, on the other hand, is often not as simple to budget.

This is because for small and medium businesses the marketing person is the same person that as for production and or finance and or human resources and and and.

It is because of the need to multi task that small businesses find it so challenging to put in the time to do marketing. That and the fact that clients and sales come first, and on top of that, not all businesses know, understand and enjoy marketing.

It is for this reason that SignForce do what we can to assist small and medium businesses to improve their marketing abilities. While SignForce’s main focus is on custom PHYSICAL marketing devices – aka SIGNS – we are also well placed [from an experience and team perspective] to assist your small to medium business with your ONLINE MARKETING.

If you find marketing a drag, have a low budget and need to improve sales, why not partner with SignForce to let us improve your turnover.

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