Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware

Ever heard the Latin term ‘Caveat Emptor”?

For the uninformed, it basically translates to “Let The Buyer Beware”!

This is great advise in every situation, and can even apply to LARGE businesses, as the writer has been reminded over the past few weeks.

SignForce has been around a few decades, and in that time we have prided ourselves on providing great signs combined with the best service we can at fair (not cheap) prices.

In order to provide great signs, we tend to use more of the products supplied by the ‘expensive’ suppliers, mostly in the HOPE that their more expensive products are of better quality and sometimes, when we forget, because we mistakenly want to believe these multinational suppliers – I am referring to two in particular, 3M and Avery – will actually honor their guarantees or warrantees or whatever other current word they use to lull us buyers into the false belief they may actually grow a conscience and promote in a way that is not misleading and when one is misled apologize and possibly even make good.

Maybe it is the writer’s own prejudice or maybe it is from experience over the years but it seems to me that the big boys will NEVER honor their written guarantees, as they always have some clause that makes them totally unaccountable – just like South African politicians. I wonder who learned from whom?

With a recent product failure the supplier was quick to point out that the product we were using was not intended for the purpose we were using it for – surprise surprise, especially since when we were first introduced to this new, miracle product which is only SLIGHTLY more costly than the traditional method – take that as a price increase of over 5.000% – we were NEVER told that this product, which was promoted in a very specific way – was ONLY to be used on vehicles. I cannot for the life of me understand WHY anyone would use this product on vehicles, but apparently if I looked at the fine print on their website – like I was NOT told to do and like I would know where to navigate to find the product, and please note NO warning appeared on the VERY extensive label – never mind the waste of time, as I am supposed to believe the person representing the product has been adequately trained and informed, the list goes on,.

Anyway, to cut this rant short, SignForce DO honor our guarantees, as that is what we believe is the right thing to do. We do have failures – fortunately not too often, but we have been around long enough to know that our suppliers will not honor their guarantees, so we have to charge a little more in order to make sure we do honor our guarantees.

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