Handling Business Cycles – especially in the signage Industry

How do small businesses handle the cycles of business All businesses and most industries have some sort of cycle.

Some cycles are more easily identified than others because they are related to weather seasons which are clearly defined.

Some business cycles related to the product, for example more ice cream is sold in summer. Some business cycles are less define, nor being clearly related to any specific or identifiable trend. Signage seems to fall into the last category.

Now this comment may be a lot off center as it us being written by a South African during the rule of the anc. This means that the comments may be country or political policy specific, as the anc have proven to be firm communists, anti business, anti progress and 1,000% corrupt. Apparently South Africa is one of the most difficult countries to trade in due to extremely excessive red tape and inconsistent supply of electricity. All these factors make the (current) work environment in South Africa exceptionally challenging, which may mean that our business cycles are being influenced by politics and foolish, corrupt politicians more than business cycles.

The above disclaimer aside, signage in South Africa seems to be impacted by cycles related to the festive season, public holidays, sometimes weather and a lot due to the public mood related to the economy.

When cycles are predictable it is sometimes easier to plan for the upcoming surge or drop in anticipated business. When the cycles are unpredictable it is much more challenging to plan correctly.

At SignForce we have focused on being abreast of the latest technology, providing quality signs at fair prices and keeping our overhead costs as low as possible. While we have been in business for over 20 years, whether this is a good or poor strategy will surely only become evident in time.

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