Humans Are IDIOTS!

Yes, I am also a human, so I must also be an idiot, but I would like to think that I am not the issue.

A newspaper headline on Tuesday screamed the news that FRACKING FINDS BACKING


We humans, a species that is supposed to be ‘intelligent’ are so damn stupid that we CHASE a thing we created and called MONEY, OK, it helps make the world go around. The issue is we chase it at ALL costs, not giving a damn about the future of the planet we live on, the one that sustains life – and hope our children will live on.

If scientists are to be believed, in the last 50 years HUMANS have done more damage to their life sustaining planet than the combined damage of ALL species – including humans, have done in the previous 10,000 years.

We kill the air we breathe and the water we drink to make MONEY – not for all, but for an elite few (this is not a knock of the capitalist model). But we are not satisfied with only polluting our life sustaining air and water. We tap into the immense brain power on the planet to create weapons of mass destruction (fast) and more energy hungry devices (slow) to further kill off the planet. And we do all this in the name of MAKING MONEY. Hopefully you get the point. We destroy the outside of the planet simply to feed the greed of humans.

BUT wait, that’s not all. If you buy into this system we can do better – why only poison the OUTSIDE of the planet. Why not get into the belly and poison this wonderful life sustaining rock from INSIDE – welcome fracking!

With investment, humans are now going to pump a whole cocktail of toxins into the bowels of the earth – poisoning the planet from the core (or as close to it as needs be to get all that can be gotten out of the earth) – simply so that our human greed and stupidity can be flamed so we can feed an energy hungry people (which I might add are a very small percentage of all the populace of the planet) – at the cost of our children and their children possibly never being able to experience the beauty that we have been afforded by nature and this wonderful planet

When will the ‘powers that be’ WAKE UP and start assessing the cost of business from a global perspective, global including looking into the FUTURE COST of currently creating energy and polluting the planet. Perhaps it is time for a GLOBAL BODY (something like the UN but without the politicians) to look at taxing businesses current endeavours based on their future destruction of the planet.

I for one believe it is time that RESPONSIBLE governments and RESPONSIBLE business start factoring in the cost to HUMANITY, the COST TO THE PLANET IN THE LONG RUN, and stop looking only at the potential short term profit that MAY be made by a few.

If fracking is so good for man kind – which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY – there is evidence of ftracking resulting spill over where rivers in the United States are being polluted as a result of fracking – have enough funds being allocated to restore the land and the rivers to their pristine manner once the earth has been raped? How would one even measure the potential cost?

I propose a simple accounting process. For ANY function that is designed simply to make a profit for a few at the future cost to humanity, factor in a ‘capital cost’ of US$50 Billion. This money to be paid in cash in advance to a non interest bearing account for future restoration of the land. If the fracking or any other process still makes a profit, go ahead. At worst, the money that is set aside for restoration and repairing the damage can be put to good use by ALL humanity.

This post should indicate that apart from being a PASSIONATE SIGN PROFESSIONAL, I am also passionate about LIFE.  

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