Is your sign conveying the message you WANT?

Every now and then we need to make sure that our #business #signs convey the message we WANT, INTEND and EXPECT.

I was driving down a main road and saw these two #signs. The one is for a church. The other is a respected medical group that has emergency facilities. 

I am sure that neither are in the business of offering false hope, yet it is impossible to miss the PEN!S ENLARGEMENT sticker that has hijacked both – although more the mediclinic #sign.  While the sticker is not official and is not condoned, it is important for the #sign owners to ensure that their #signs are (a) clean, (b) maintained and (c) conveying the desired message.

This may seem funny to anyone who has signs that are out of reach, but the same principal applies – if you have a broken, dirty or faded #sign and the illumination is malfunctioning, does the sign convey the message you intend?

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