Keeping up with the times – FREE MARKETING

Keeping up with the times – FREE MARKETING

When I was your age [you can fill in WHATEVER you want] was most likely a phrase you grew up – regardless of your age, location or social standing.

It is common for the older (aging?) generation to recount stories of (often) hardship that the younger generations will have no way of relating to. For example, the horror of having to stand up and walk to a television set to change channels (assuming you had access to more than one channel) or having to remember and dial (on a rotary dialer) someone’s telephone number – forget using a ringer for those who are old enough to relate.

The funny or sad reality is that while many of the developments have deprived today’s youth of opportunities to experience change and development – think about the above examples and how simple these tasks are today, even if we have lost our ability to exercise our brains and remember a large number of large numbers – it is because the youth have not experienced that change that they are moving forward (to where?) at a rate that we cannot comprehend.

It is also this rapid forward movement that makes it exceptionally challenging for us older folk to keep up with the times.

One of these forward moving challenges is marketing and the concept of US being the product – well OUR information. In the new world it can be challenging to accept that marketing can be automated (consider AI), and FREE.

This FREEDOM is one of the wonderful advances that, when embraced, can make life, especially the life of a smaller business, much simpler and more profitable.

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