Do Sign Salespeople ‘Consult”?

I sell signs for a living, and am a PROUD sign salesperson.

That said, in reality, I do not sell signs. I consult with prospects on their sign requirements, with the objective of ensuring that any money they spend is an investment in marketing.

At times this may mean advising people that the signs they want are not the best investment they could make, because I believe that in the long run people who respect my advise will become long term clients.

In the almost 14 years I have been selling signs one of the trends I have noticed is that prospects expect me to offer advice – in other words act as a consultant.

I cannot understand why ALL my competitors do not see themselves as sign consultants. Could it possibly be because they see themselves as order takers, not because they do not give advise, but because [they believe] their prospects are not prepared to pay for the advise – or could it be because they are too scared to be held accountable for poor advise?

At SignForce we have built our business on giving the best advise we can. It has worked for us, so why wouldn’t it work for our competitors?

If you are looking for advise on how to make your investment in signs pay off, contact me, Arnold N. Pollak, and I will give you the best advise I can.

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Are signs TRULY an important element in YOUR Marketing Mix?

In this modern, connected world of INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, SMS MARKETING and FAST CHANGE is an OLD FASHIONED, STATIC sign still important.

The simple answer is a RESOUNDING YES.

While I understand this is a generalization and may not be as relevant for EVERY business, it IS important for ANY BUSINESS THAT WANTS TO BE SEEN and VISITED.

On Thursday I went to take advantage of a sale at a local butcher. I had previously received the MASS SMS informing me that they had ‘moved’. From a marketing perspective the sms was poorly worded in that it simply stated that they had relocated and gave the new address – no special offer, no call to action, simply an informative sms – which I figured was an error. They were a landmark where they were, and they had moved into a totally different area, so my thinking was they were advising of a new branch opening. It was only when I went past the ‘old’ premises that I realised they HAD MOVED – and I had deleted the ‘relocation’ sms days before my visit.

So the search began. I was eventually advised where they had moved to, and off I went. When I got to the location that I was told of, there was nothing to alert me to the fact that this was the new premises. I then called ‘info’, got the old number, had to dial it to get the ‘new’ number, then called that number to get directions, only to be told that they were where I was told they were.

At this point I figured I would pay more and go elsewhere. The saving was NOT WORTH the irritation. It was at that point that I drove past the shop – AGAIN, but this time with the attendant standing outside waving!

While inside I asked why they didn’t have signs up and was informed that they had been ordered and were ‘on their way’. (They were up two days later).

When I gave it some thought, this move had to have been planned weeks before I went there – I received the initial sms 10 days before my excursion. So WHY were there no signs up? Surely it should have been on top of the marketing persons list. Did they ever calculate the cost of NO SIGNS? How many people would felt just what I did, never to return as they are certainly not the cheapest supplier and are also not the only supplier within easy access. A simple banner (if the signs were running late) could have made a huge difference.

So YES. Signs are an important . As long as YOU EXPECT and / or WANT people to VISIT YOUR PREMISES, you would be well advised to make sure that VISIBLE SIGNS form part of your marketing mix!

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