SignForce have moved to a new home

SignForce have moved, relocated, transferred…

Exactly 14 years to the day after SignForce moved into our Wynburg, Sandton, premises, we moved to what we expect will be better premises.

Better because, in time, they will help SignForce operate in a more productive, more cost effective manner, which will help us to continue to give you, our wonderful clients, competitively priced signs.

It has take a while to make the move, and has been fairly disruptive, so thank you all for your patience over the past few weeks. We are now settled in so we can once again focus on getting you your quotes, artwork and signs with speed.

Our new premises are a mere 10 (or so) blocks from our old premises, so we are still in the same general area.

Our new address is 51 2nd Street, Kew.

Our existing number 011 444 3331 will continue to work, but will not link to the switchboard which has new numbers.

Our new telephone numbers for the switchboard are:

011 440 7525 and 011 440 7524 as well as 0861 SIGNFORCE or 0861 744 636

Our new fax number is 086 656 3302

If you would like to come visit – and we would love you to, please give us advance notice so we can afford you the level of hospitality we want to, and we know you deserve.

You can find us by clicking here for the link from the facebook map:

HELP – My Lunatic Has Escaped!!!

HELP – My lunatic has escaped!

I do believe that each of us has a lunatic buried within – that driving force that pushes us to do things that are out of the ordinary, push our boundaries, take on a cause or simply advance ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Well, my lunatic has escaped, and as such, I am about to embark on an epic cycle trip with my cycling partner –  Neale Penman – where we will be cycling unassisted from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, approximately 1,000 km, and hopefully raising funds for a number of charities.

In case you are not impressed by the previous statement, let me elaborate. Two middle aged lunatics will be taking their bicycles apart, shipping them to and reassembling them in Port Elizabeth. We then cycle to Cape Town and have to take the bikes apart again to ship them home.

We do not have a backup vehicle.

We do not have any technical support.

We do not have a medical support team, we don’t even have a medical support person.

We have to carry EVERYTHING that we may need for the full trip, and we carry it all on our bikes. We will be leaving early (as soon as there is sufficient light for us to see) in the cold and possibly wet winter weather to cycle approximately 100km per day over some very mountainous and often tar less roads and dirt tracks. We will cycle for between five (very optimistic) and eight hours a day (think about how sore our butts will be), then prepare to do the same thing the next day – for ten days. Surely this act of insanity, a lot of it done while you are dressed warm and working indoors in a air conditioned, warm office, deserves some funds to be channeled to our causes!

Information on and links to the various causes can be found on this SignForce blog

If all goes according to plan and technology cooperates (last time it was so cold the technology froze and died), our progress can be monitored on facebook ( and ( and / or Twitter ( or @ArnPollak) and ( or @SignForceSA). I hope to chronicle the trip with photo’s and occasional brief comments in order to help raise funds for the causes we are supporting.

  1. The KidneyBeanz Trust – a charity that supports children on dialysis.
  1. Out of the Box Skills Development Centre – who provide skills, hope and opportunity to disadvantaged, unskilled and uneducated South Africans enabling them to find sustainable income generating opportunities.   Profile – Out of the Box
  1. Hospice – a non-profit which eases the burden on the family and take care of the terminally ill.

If you want to support one specific cause, donations can be made directly to the cause:

Payments can be made to me to distribute evenly or you can nominate if you want all your donated funds to go to a specific cause, or you can donate directly to the cause.

For funds to be donated for me to distribute they should please be paid to:

Standard Bank:

Branch: Norwood

Branch Code: 004-105

Account Number: 20-165-433-4

Account Name: P & L

Reference: Donate (followed by the charity if you want to support a specific cause)

Please also email me on with the subject: 18A to advise if you require a 18A tax certificate, and the details that should appear on the certificate.

The KidneyBeanz Trust take payment via givengain – click on the Kidney Beanz Trust (on the left of the screen) and then on DONATE NOW on the right of the screen.

Direct donations can be made to:

Out Of The Box Skills Development Centre

 Out of the Box Education Account

Standard Bank, Melville. Branch 006105,

Account No – 20-794-006-1

Swift Code SBZA ZA JJ.

Iban Number (0860 469 273) 0061052(92)07940061

Hospice Donations information to be added asap:

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Arnold N. Pollak

Why SignForce believes teamwork is essential

Why Teamwork is essential for SignForce!

I was recently watching a soccer match and I found it entertaining that I was essentially watching 22 individuals with possibly as much as 44 ego’s all working for a ‘common cause’ – that is, to beat the other team – the opponents, “THE ENEMY”!

It got me thinking about teamwork in our business, because out of the entire 90 minutes of the game, there was only about 60 seconds of PURE TEAMWORK – and that teamwork produced TWO goals. Now if that isn’t an indicator of the power of teamwork, I have no idea what is.

It was funny that my introductory video on teamwork, partnerships and collaboration was made a few hours before I get to watch the match – you can view the video here because I was looking at teamwork from a very different perspective.

At SignForce we believe in working as a team, and strive to do so all the time. Sure, there are times when we don’t get it right, but I would like to believe that we do get it right the vast majority of the time, as shown by the fact that our client’s come back and we meet most of our deadlines – we are still working towards meeting them all!

We work to entrench teamwork from the start with the employment process being a collaborative one, where new employees are assessed by existing team members to ensure that the ‘newbie’ has the correct work ethic to fit into the team, and will support the team when necessary. Once again, this is not always easy, sometimes resulting in new people being with us for a short period, not because they cannot do the work but because they simply do not fit in with the rest of the team.

Next we instil teamwork (and sustainability) by training all interested parties to do everyone else’s work where possible. Yet again, this is not always a simple task, and it has to be ongoing, yet the rewards are great, as, with a business like ours where we keep the core staff as small as possible, if one person is not at work, and no-one else could do the required work, deadlines would be missed and clients lost.

We believe teamwork is also essential from a perspective of support, recognition and responsibility. Each team member is responsible for upholding the good name of the business AT ALL TIMES! If a bad decision is made by an individual, the individual is held accountable, and when brilliant decisions are made, where possible the individual is supported and rewarded.

The SignForce attitude towards teamwork can be seen when visitors enter our premises as well as when we go to site. It can also be seen by the manner in which we deal with our clients, suppliers and competitors, because we believe that teamwork is part of the life blood of our business being successful.

For great advice on how to have signs that make your team look great at a fair price, signs that will enhance your teams image and, as an investment, will generate greater income than their cost, contact SignForce now. David: Arnold:

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2013

I have always been taught that Christmas is a time for family, and a time to reflect.

It is also the one holiday that I am aware of that brings a large proportion of the world’s population together to celebrate life and love, which is always a good thing.

While to me it seems that the traditional way of celebrating Christmas with family has changed, and is changing, from purely family time with no commercial activity, to some family time with greater commercial influence – more stores are open for longer hours on Christmas than when I was young – it is heart warming to see that even in our fast paced, profit driven world, where some large international corporations tend to be garnering more and more control over commerce, a large percentage of the world’s population still rely on small business, and also make the effort to take time out to be with loved one’s.

With these thoughts in mind the team at SignForce, who are also taking time to be with our loved one’s, wish one and all a Happy Festive Christmas, and everything of the best for 2013.