The Roller Coaster of Life – and Business

You have most likely heard the comment “life is a roller coaster”. Chances are you agree with this statement. Of late I have asked a number of people if they agree with the statement, and all, without exception, agreed that life is a roller coaster.

When I questioned further, as to WHY they felt life is a roller coaster, the inevitable answer is ‘because of the ups and downs’, and that seems like a logical comment.

Personally – in case you are interested – I do agree that life is a roller coaster. Where I differ is that I see it as such because I have never seen a roller coaster that has a separate start and end. In other words, life is a roller coaster because it tends to start with a rather slow uphill – not too exciting, but getting one to a specific destination – then comes the rapid downhill – for some a good time, for others a scary time – and this process goes on until the roller coaster completes it’s circuit, only to come back to the start and do it all over again.

That’s exactly the same as life, and business. How often are you in a position where you have achieved a personal or business goal and the next thing you know you either have a new, higher objective you are striving to achieve, or life simply shakes the rug and you have to ‘GO BACK TO BASICS’?

 To me, this is what makes a roller coaster. The continuous cycle, always having to go back to basics in order to keep moving forward. We at SignForce have witnessed this a number of times over the years, and every time we GO BACK TO BASICS we tend to grow and climb higher.  We have seen this with staff training and a number of other life and staff issues.

So my advice is to enjoy the ride. Embrace the roller coaster and always remember, the cycle will eventually lead you back tot he start.

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