Large Outdoor Signs & Billboards

Large outdoor signs and billboard signs are highly visible, typically showing large, eye catching, sometimes witty slogans with distinctive visuals. These signs are mostly used by companies targeting the FMCG market, or marketers who are targeting the 'end user' / consumer. These large outdoor signs are also favoured by politicians.

Types of Large Outdoor Signs

Electronic Billboards (LED Signs)

Outdoor full colour electronic billboard / LED signs can display photo realistic graphics, run animations and even display full motion video on many of the models. Many of these signs have the ability to be remotely programmed, making them popular with marketers who want to focus their marketing on specific targets.

Electronic billboards (LED signs) range from single colour to having the ability to display millions of colours. Modern electronic billboards resolution can be almost HD in the quality of viewing, running any animation, message or video, enhancing the marketers ability to showcase products and services. Smaller electronic billboards and flat screen technology can also be used as dynamic store front signs, shop signs, notice boards and directory signs.

Electronic billboards (LED signs) come in a range of sizes from approximately 1,000 mm wide by 120 mm high to around 6,000 mm wide x 4,000mm high.

  • Outdoor Tri-colour electronic billboards and LED signs display important messages in vibrant red, green and yellow (amber). Tri-colour outdoor LED signs have the ability to show communication text as well as simple graphics and animations, and are generally limited to 2-line, 3-line and 4-line signs. These signs are popular with high traffic area's such as service stations forecourts.
  • Monochrome LED signs are primarily used for text messages and simple graphics (depending on the overall size of the monochrome sign). The message can change quickly and easily with the software that comes with your signs. These signs have traditionally been popular with institutions such as banks and large stores to keep the teller and check out lines moving as well as schools notifying passers by of events and used as a silent salesperson in shop front windows.

Custom Signs & Free Standing Signs

Free standing custom signs, or more commonly known as custom monument or custom pylon signs, offer businesses a higher degree of visibility at different eye levels, giving businesses or maximising a products exposure while allowing motorists to easily distinguish an establishment from other businesses while passing by. Because theses signs are custom made to suite your business's specific requirements these signs can be created simple or complex, architecturally low profiled or bold and bright. Some free standing custom signage is built to include LED display units, reader boards, or time and temperature display to further attract a larger viewing audience. They can be used as either directional signs, to increase visibility of your business premises or as pure advertising boards. Custom signs have no specific shape or size and can be made (or the face changed) to suite specific product or promotion requirements.

Custom Pylon Signs

Pylon signs, also referred to as free standing signs and free standing structures, are large verticals signs that are concreted into the ground. They can be single-sided or double-sided, illuminated or non-illuminated, on single post or multiple post. Pylon signs generally refers to larger signs, although some people do refer to much smaller signs as pylons. While pylon signs are mostly made to advertise third party products, custom signs and custom pylon signs can be made almost any size or shape and can thus be business specific.

  • Billboard signs

    Also knowns as large outdoor sign boards, free standing signs, pylons, signboards, monopoles and bulletins. Billboard signs refer to a large outdoor advertising structures (generally no smaller than 6,000 mm wide for static billboard signs). Billboards are usually placed in high traffic areas where they can effectively advertise third party products and services (third party means that the advertised product or service does not belong to the owner of the billboard, rather the space has been rented to a third party).

  • Painted Billboards

    Painted billboards are painted in very large studios. Painted billboards are projected in the series of plywood (or other substrate) panels that make up the outlines of the design, and then painted by artists, once the painted substrate is complete and the panels are installed the artists go up and touch up what needs to be fixed. Today a lot of the large painted billboards are painted directly onto a flexible substrate that can be rolled up, transported and installed on site.

  • UV Painted Billboards

    UV Painted billboards is a very unique way of advertising. UV painted billboards are only detectable at night, during the day its a clear canvas, but at night everything comes to life. UV painted billboards can also have your regular advertising except at night it becomes alive, with an extra touch and design.

  • Digital Billboard signs

    Digital billboard signs are created from computer programs and software. Digital billboards can be designed to display running text, display several different displays from the same company, and even exist to provide several companies a certain slot of time during the day.

  • Inflatable Billboards

    An inflatable billboard is an inflatable framework with an attached banner ad. Most of them famously appear near sports events or exhibitions. Inflatable billboards can be installed nearly everywhere standing free. They are secured with counter weights and tensioning ropes. Inflatable blimps, hot air balloons and moving inflatables can also fall into the category of inflatable billboards.

  • Multi-Purpose Billboards

    Some billboards are not used only for advertising ends, they can be multi-purpose, meaning that they can have more than one function. So, an advertising sign can integrate its main purpose with telecommunications antenna or public lighting support.

  • Backlit Billboards

    Backlit billboards are illuminated with either fluorescent tubes, neon tubes or LED's. These self standing advertising displays provide a clear picture allowing you to see the life, theme, and style of your business. The advantage of back lighting is that there is no glare on the face of the sign, so the full message of the sign can be visible from a greater distance than when there are spot lights illuminating the front of the sign.

  • Poster Billboards

    Poster billboards are digitally printed in large sheets of durable and specially made flexible plastic that can be pulled tight across the frame of the sign. Poster billboards can also be a treated paper what can be pasted to the billboard frame, such as seen at bus stops and railway stations.

  • Mobile Billboards

    Mobile billboards are also known as mobile outdoor advertising. Mobile billboards allow your business the flexibility to target a specific location for a specific time, and then move around. Mobile billboards include trailer billboards, truck billboards and bicycle billboards.

    • Trailer Billboards - Trailer billboards may be parked at a specific area to grab the attention of people in the specific target market that the client would require. Trailer billboards are mobile and can be moved to multiple destinations for full advertising exposure.
    • Truck Billboards - Trucks that are utilized for the mobile truck billboards are usually large, so that the advertisement can be posted on the body. For the best exposure and quick deployment its the most popular of the mobile billboards. Truck billboards are also a very cost effective safety device, while giving any business exposure to multiple markets as the trucks move around.
    • Bicycle Billboards - Bicycle billboards is the same concept as a trailer billboard, except that the bicycle billboards are smaller advertisement trailers that are attached to a bicycle and cycles around. Bicycle billboards are best for advertising when a small mobile sign is needed, or there is a need for exposure in a number of locations.